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Tasting Bizoe Wines from barrels before bottling

Bottling Season at Bizoe Wines

Let’s call it bottling season at Bizoe Wines. This time of the year all the winemakers are planning their bottling schedules. Getting the wine in the bottle that they have so preciously worked on during the last year, in some cases 2 years.

At Bizoe Wines we are in the same boat. In the next few weeks we will bottle our Bizoe Henrietta 2020, Bizoe Estalet Syrah 2019 and Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec 2019.

Getting the wine bottle ready is the next step. In the case of white wines ex Bizoe Henrietta that’s a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon blanc, the wine needs to be protein stable before bottling can take place. Due to the time our red wine mature in barrels this process happens natural.

 Once protein stability is achieved in the wine, we will move over to filtering. Once the wine has been filter its all about getting the wine safely in the bottles and making the last final tweaks. Bottling season at Bizoe Wines, exciting time of the year in the cellar.

And now the nerves starts to work, you as winemaker has done what you needed to do, it has to go into bottle and then it’s up to the wine drinker to get it out of the bottle. The wine you have spent in some cases two years making is there to satisfy consumers pallets.

When we open a wine, we always look on the bright side and find it difficult to critique another winemaker’s wine, because we know the time, energy and passion that went into the process to produce a beautiful bottle of wine.

Next time you open a bottle wine lift your cap to the vineyards, viticulturist, vineyard workers, cellar workers and lastly the winemaker! Salute!

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