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Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec

Can Malbec be proudly South African

I think there should be more Malbec in South Africa! According to me Malbec has a South African personality. 

Argentinian Malbec has become so popular around the world that wine drinkers associate the Malbec grape with Argentina. I would like to argue the fact as there is so many similarities of Malbec and South Africa. If you think about the perfect food to match a bottle of Malbec, my first thought would be grilled meats – South Africa is known for its love of braai. In my opinion a perfect food match would be a medium-rare rib-eye cut cooked on “kameeldoring” and a side option would be as simple as fresh cut potatoes fries or as we in South Africa say “slap chips.”

In 2009 DNA test has determine that Malbec is a crossing of Magdalene Noir and Prunelard.  Malbec thick skinned black grape originate from Auxxerios in South France, mostly grown in Cahors France.  In 2003 I had the privilege to travel to Argentina with a friend that is also a winemaker today. Patrolling the streets of Buenos Aires in searching for great bottles of Malbec. 

Malbec known for its black cherry, Plum, Raspberry, Caccoa, Leather, Black Pepper, and Tabaco flavours. Malbec is also a vine that thrives in high altitude much like the South African people after winning the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Elections coming up in a few weeks the other characteristic of Malbec is that the grape has thick skin.

Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec 2019 is our current vintage that is available on our online store. Idioglossia translated from ancient Greek is a language invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins. As we are blessed with twin boys and experienced it in their early development, there is no greater pleasure for me and Estalet to have named our Bizoe Malbec after our twins Andre and Retief.

Let’s get some Malbec in the glass as most of us will watch the final episode of Chasing the Sun 2 on Sunday night and let’s celebrate the uniqueness of South Africa and Malbec!

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