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“Time flies when you’re having fun!” There’s so much to discuss since my last blog. Typically, once the harvest ends, it means I have to be on the road regularly to take our beautiful wines across the country.

First things first, the harvest is done, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of fruit we received this year. We also finished our malolactic fermentation for the year. On the downside, it has been one of the smallest harvests in the industry for some time. This is a topic that we won’t be able to cover in just one newsletter. Rainfall, heat waves, and wind have all played roles in shaping the 2024 harvest.

As I type this blog post, our Rikus Neethling Sauvignon Blanc 2024 is being bottled. Most of our grapes come from the Elgin Valley, with a touch of Stellenbosch blended into the wine, giving it beautiful grapefruit and litchi flavors, with hints of asparagus. Even though it’s winter, I can’t wait for a hot summer day to sip away on the Rikus Neethling Sauvignon Blanc 2024.

My travels this year have included the annual Graaf-Reinet stoep tasting. It’s always a fun-packed weekend in the heart of the Karoo, especially meeting up with friends and family in the wine industry after the harvest.

The annual trip to the UK is also completed. It was my first visit ever to our friends at Terroir Wines in Glasgow, the day after they beat the Stormers in the URC. Believe me, they were still smiling about the score and made sure I knew it. My only way out was to tell them I actually support the Bulls. Even after they beat the Bulls, my phone is still on silent.

I attended the Davy Wine Merchants Trade Tasting in London the following week. Being back in London is always a treat, meeting winemakers from across the world. This year, I had the privilege to share a table with Daniele Palassa from Palassa Wines in San Martino, Tuscany.

In the next few months, I’ll be on the road throughout South Africa and I look forward to sharing a glass of Bizoe Wines with all of you soon!

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