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2024 has barely started and we have already celebrated another Valentines Day. I am sure some of you shared a bottle of Bizoe Wines for the first, second and numerous times with your partner.

Harvest is on the go, running in the cellar is the thing I love most about making wine. Receiving grapes, handle it with care, then make sure it will be enjoyed one day with the special one in your life. The harvest currently is producing good quality grapes that’s extremely concentrated and packed with flavours. We can all be looking forward for the 2024 season wines to be released in the future.

In the vineyards, we have people smiling and chatting away, the sound of clipping scissors in the background as the grapes is getting picked and transported to the cellar. There is just no better time in the Boland than harvest time. When the harvest is done, we will start to focus on the 2025 harvest, looking at post-harvest fertilisation and soil treatments. The vineyards will go into rest once the winter arrive and spring back into action when spring arrive.

Bizoe Henrietta 2020 and Bizoe Estalet Syrah 2019 will be our wines off choice during the month. On warm days nothing is better than to have than a chilled Bizoe Henrietta, and as the evening progress and cold evening arrives then a Bizoe Estalet Syrah is just the right wine to get warmed up from the inside again! 

Hope you all are having a fantastic February, and I am looking forward giving an update on the harvest in our next newsletter in March.

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