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Chenin blanc grapes


Can’t believe we are starting a new year already, 2024 is here! Not sure if its age but it feels like we are turning years now like days. About to start my 17th harvest with Bizoe Wines. Like they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Our year ended with some amazing news from British Wine Journalist Dr Jamie Goode. Jamie tasted the Bizoe Henrietta Semillon/Sauvignon blanc 2020 and rated it with a 93 points. 

Written by Jamie on –  “12% alcohol. Sauvignon blanc and Semillon. This is vivid and well defined with a mineral, saline edge to quite intense citrus and pear fruit, as well as some spicy, smokey character. There’s some citrus peel here with good acidity and real weight to the palate, with has intense notes of guava and pear, finishing finely spiced. Intriguing and detailed, and hard to categorise. The Semillon is flourishing in this blend. 93/100

Hot, dry summer in the Cape at the moment, looks like we might have an earlier harvest than expected. After “veraison” easier seen in red grapes, when the colour of the grapes changes from green to red, sugar loading is taking place in the berry. During this period it’s important to manage the water supply of the vine. As much as we don’t want rain during the harvest to prevent rot on the grapes, I think a good batch of rain pre harvest will be amazing at the moment. 

The cellar is ready to welcome the 2024 grapes to arrive soon. After sampling some of the vineyards yesterday I think we are about 10/14 days away from bringing our first grapes. Gives us just enough time to make sure all the maintenance is done in the cellar.  

As in life lots of things changed when you turned 17, at Bizoe we are looking forward to an exciting year and yes, we have a new wine planned to celebrate our 17th vintage. 

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