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Rikus and his Mom


“Ou Hetta”

With mother’s day around the corner, how can we not write about Henrietta, the wine and the person? Mom, grandma and friend, an all in one, and so we describe the wine also named after Henrietta.

Bizoe Henrietta Semillon/Sauvignon blanc is the first wine made by Rikus that was released under the Bizoe label in 2008. Semillon/Sauvignon blanc also known as a Bordeaux White Blend, the wine has helped us to shape Bizoe Wines the way it is today. 

Semillon has always been the main cultivar of the Henrietta around 70% of the wine. Semillon would mature approximately 7 months in French Oak barrels before blended with Sauvignon blanc. Because the Semillon in the barrel undergoes natural fermentation and spend time in oak, some of the natural acidity goes missing in the process. Sauvignon blanc is the perfect blending partner to lift the natural acidity of the wine again. It thus prevent that I have to use commercial tartaric acid. I believe in making the wine as natural as possible.

After explaining the essence of how the wine is made, now the next question what has it to do with my mom. My mom, an all-round wonderful person and supporter of me, Estalet and our kids. A mom that will always be there to encourage, support and defend in our corner.  The Bizoe Henrietta is an all-round good wine that would please most of the pallets around world. 

Thanks you, Henrietta Neethling for the inspiration and guidance you gave us over the years and it’s only an honor to keep on naming one of our corner stone wine after you!

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