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Bizoe Henriëtta & Bizoe Estalet Syrah

Bizoe Estalet Syrah & Henriëtta

Yes, we’ve had plenty of rain, and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days! New season brings new life to the vineyards.The beginning of the growing season, the start of a new vintage. Pruning of the vineyards is in full swing.

August, Women’s Month, is a fitting time to talk about the two wines named after the two most special women in my life: Bizoe Henriëtta and Bizoe Estalet Syrah.

Henriëtta, my mother a woman who dedicated her life for us and continues to do so for us. She sees only the best in people and protects those she loves like a mother bear protects her cubs. Bizoe Henriëtta, a wine made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, is the perfect tribute to her and her name, which fittingly translates to “ruler of the house.”

The grapes for Bizoe Estalet Syrah are sourced from De Liefde farm in the small town of Wolseley in the Breedekloof Valley. Everything about Bizoe Estalet Syrah embodies the uniqueness of the terroir. This uniqueness and authenticity perfectly describe my wife and mother of our children, who, like her favorite bird the Knock Knee, keeps us warm under her wings. Bizoe Estalet Syrah has become a beloved wine in many households around the world, just as Estalet is cherished in our own home.

I want to thank these two amazing women for what they do for us in real life and in a bottle!

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