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Fire and Wine           

Winter has truly arrived in the Western Cape. Waking up in the mornings are getting more difficult as well as going to bed at night. Sitting in front of the fire place with a glass of red wine is just a magic feeling.

This week the wine industry decent down to Graaff-Reinet for the weekend for the annual Stoeptasting. Stoeptasting is organised by The Karoo Wine Club, they host approximately 80 wine producers in Graaff-Reinet and Nieu Bethesda. Thursday 25th of May to Saturday 27th the streets are filled with all people across the country to come, taste and buy wines. I am looking so forward seeing some of you at the Stoeptasting this weekend. We will be pouring some new wines in our Bizoe and Rikus Neethling Range. You will find us Ouma Country House.

As we are on the topic of fire and wine, winter is normally the best time of the year to cook a “lekker potjie”. Just thinking about a Lamb shank, marinated with red wine and a glass of Bizoe Estalet Syrah 2019. There is at least one braai at the Neethling house every weekend, while this weekend I will be in Graaff-Reinet. I am sure the Neethling twins  (with Estalet’s help) will definitely still braai on the weekend.

Busy schedule at the moment, my next newsletter will be send from London where I will be attending the annual Davys Wine Merchant Portfolio tasting on the 6th of June. So hence the topic of Fire and Wine, I will be doing a Fire Dinning evening in London on the 8th of June with Davys in their courtyard. I hope they know what coming and have real South African/Namibian wood available.

Keep warm, stay in front of the fires, keep the glasses full!

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