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Trio of Oysters

Pretoria to Paris

Excitement is the word for one of the last trips of the year to Gauteng. Brasserie de Paris in Pretoria is doing a dinner focused on Semillon.

We all know where Semillon lies in my heart. The one passion that is difficult for me to hide. Before we get on about the dinner at Brasserie de Paris. I conducted a tasting at Mesh Club in Rosebank. Mesh Club shared office working space combined with an upmarket food and beverage section. Incredible space to meet new people and to share my wines.

Brasserie de Paris is the one evening I was looking forward to for a long time. Semillon was the name of the game for the evening. Our first course was trio of oysters paired with the Morningstar 2018 and 2019. Flavours paired with Lemongrass, Pickled Ginger and Lime. Interesting for me having conversations with the guest that there was no clear winner between the Morningstar 2018 and 2019. In my opinion the 2019 worked better with the Lemongrass and the 2018 with the Ginger and Lime. 

Robertsvleipad Semillon 2019 paired with ravioli, calamari and squid ink and citrus jus. Robertsvleipad tends to the citrus lemon lime character of fresh Semillon fruit. Paired perfect to enhance the flavours of the of wine and something for everyone to try when they dine at Brasserie de Paris.

Bizoe Henriëtta is always the star the evening, and it hasn’t disappointed on the evening. Just recently scored 94 Decanter points and it has shown us why again. Wine close to my heart and Bizoe maiden wine in 2008. Just shows why Henriëtta is the ‘ruler of the house’. Buttermilk chicken dish is most probably my pick of the evening.

What would a evening be without some red wine. Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec 2018 dished up with Warthog, mushroom and herbs pastry. As one of guest commented on the evening she didn’t know “Pumba” has so much taste. All I can say I tend to agree and the Malbec was complimenting the dish.

Bizoe Tiny Semillon Noble Late Harvest 2017 wine we make for evenings like this. Paired with a trio of Créme Brûlée.  My suggestion is to make a booking and go and try Brasserie de Paris for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

Thanks Senisia for a spectacular evening !

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