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Bizoe Henrietta 2018

Bright side of Life

With all the things happening in South Africa at the moment, I need to find the positive things around me at the moment.

 The 7th of July London based Decanter Magazine released their ratings for 2021. Bizoe Genant SGM 2019 the first time got awarded 91 points. What a great result for us, we always knew it’s a great wine just had to get it rubber stamped by the International wine community.

Bizoe Henrietta, was that was bottled the first time in 2008, always had through the year amazing ratings. Bizoe Henrietta 2010 named in the Top 100 wines of the world by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2012, we didn’t believed it could be topped. Decanter just come out with a stunning 94 pointer for our Bizoe Henrietta 2018.

Past 14 days started our braai challenge again. Part of the challenge for me is to stop complaining about the pandemic and difficult liquor prohibition we have to endure. It makes me realise how fortunate I am to live my passion out. Enjoying my wines that I have crafted. There is one thing that I miss in this equation is sharing with you.

Although in South Africa the gates are closed at the moment we would like to thank our loyal international importers that keeps on supporting us. Later this week we will ship some wine to Germany to our friends Curry Wein.

 Stay safe stay positive and keep on seeing the beautiful side of life!

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