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Rikus Neethling Grenache Rose

It’s a Pink One

You know that feeling standing on the golf tee box and your mates crawling and laughing and calling a pink drink! Lucky for me it doesn’t have to be a pink gin anymore. We have a proper pink drink now in the form of Rikus Neethling Rose! By the way for the non-golfers reading the opening sentence, you have to buy your golf buddies a pink gin if you can’t hit your tee shot further than the ladies tee’s.

Can’t think of a better time of than year than to have ice cold Grenache Rose in the glass. The vineyards is blossoming and looking great. In the vineyards we have started our yearly spray program to protect next year’s crop and to make sure we have a healthy grapes in the cellar. Also the time of the year when we sucker the vineyards, in lame man terms, help not to overload the vines with fruit to produce a healthy grape.

Let me tell you more about the Rikus Neethling Rose Grenache 2022. We sourced our grapes from De Liefde farm out in Breedekloof. Yes, the same farm we get our Bizoe Estalet Syrah grapes from. In the cellar we worked as lightly as possible with the grapes before being pressed. We have combined the free run juice and press juice before settling. Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks, gives the wine a beautiful crisp freshness. Sitting on an alchohol of 11% just makes it the perfect summer drink.

As the year is winding down, I can’t believe we are already preparing for harvest 2023. Maintenance staff is hard at work making sure when the first grapes arrive in the cellar all the equipment is in working conditions. It feel surreal to walk in between the tanks that is empty and know that we are ready.

Let’s hope my golf improve that I can drink less pink gins in the clubhouse but more Rikus Neethling Grenache Rose!

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