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Bizoe Genant 2019

Turning seasons       

Just a few weeks ago when looking over the vineyards you saw this beautiful colour blankets over vineyards. With all the leaves falling to ground give you this sad feeling of winter is here, but also the great outlook to a new vintage starting soon. 

In our last blog we went through the process of malolactic fermentation. In the cellar we have just our Grenache 2023 that is still in the process to complete malolactic fermentation. The rest of the wines is stored away in barrels taking a well-deserved rest. It makes me think of the story about Sleeping Beauty. Imagine we all could go sleep and wake up much prettier than the day before.  Well, wine in barrels go through this process during maturation in the barrel. 

Leaves are dropping in the vineyards, showing signs of winter is here. Vines would go into rest for the next few months and minimal work will be done in the vineyards. For now we will be looking at the cover crop and work on our soils. Pruning will be the next action to take place in the vineyards and will typical start to take place end of July going into August to be completed in early September. 

The past 2 months we had to honour to have our Bizoe Tiny Noble Late Harvest 2019 on the tasting menu at La Colombe Restaurant in Constanta Nek Cape Town. La Colombe is a regular in the World Top 100 by Restaurant Magazine. La Colombe was placed at no 56 by the publication in 2022.

Yes the seasons maybe turning, but it gives us the opportunity to be looking at the bright future that lies in front of us. 

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