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Wheels are turning again

The wheels are turning again

Yes we got some good news, we are back and is allowed to trade again in South Africa. Doing what we love the most, sharing our wines with you! Now it’s back to the drawing board. Planning the calendar to see what tastings we can fit in what we have lost over the past month.

Although we couldn’t trade, life went on in the cellar and in vineyards. Entering the winter the vineyards is looking bare. Pruning for me is always an exciting time, cutting away with the old making space for the new crop to develop.

Seeing the vineyards bud in a few month bring optimism and hope. Those first shoots and baby leaves brings and excitement that only a vineyard grower can understand. New crop starting to develop, motoring and guiding the new born to maturity to age in a bottle to provide satisfaction for years to come.

As the vineyard brings optimism and hope, we can thank our loyal supporters in South Africa and importers around the world. We have added to our counties in the last few month The Netherlands. Our wines is exclusive available from Boonstoppel Wijnen in Dordrecht.

The world is slowly returning to what we have been used to. United Kingdom opening up again brings great pleasure and we can only thank them for their loyal support of our wines. Davy’s Wine Merchant is our partners in the UK.

As you can see in this note we are excited to be back and returning to trade in South Africa. There is no bigger pleasure sharing our wines with you and getting feedback about our wines. Can’t wait to see you all again.

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