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Rikus sampling barrels

In the winery during lockdown and liquor prohibition

Rikus sampling barrels

Bizoe Estalet Syrah barrels

In the winery during lockdown and liquor prohibition

What are we up to in the cellar during these difficult times? It is a time to reflect on the 2020 harvest, as the red wines are completing the malolactic fermentation and it’s entering the final destination for maturation in lovely french oak barrel.

It’s a time of hope and excitement as we are tasting the future in the barrels. It gives you a sense of believe that times will changes as these wines will change over time and become better. The hard yards done for 2020 harvest, time to sit back and see how these wines develops and matures.

As 2020 harvest goes into maturation its time to turn focus to getting the 2019 harvest red wines in perfect shape to enter the bottle. Creating the perfect blend from the barrels. Getting the wines ready to be bottled is always fun part of the year to see if the dreams you had during the previous vintage will be coming a reality.

There is no guarantee in making wines, just a lot of believe and hope it turns out to perfection. All of the self doubt, uncertainness and making gut feeling decision during the previous year will show now if it was the right decision made. Believe me there is no better feeling than knowing you got it right when putting these wines through their final steps before bottling.

As we thank the International community for keeping the South African Wine Industry alive, we know the tide will turn and we will be able to share our South African Wines with South African people soon.

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