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Henrietta blowing candles

Henriëtta Neethling celebrates her 70th!

16 November we celebrate the 70th birthday of Henriëtta Neethling. It is always a privilege to open a bottle of Bizoe Wines with family and friends. Last Saturday we had a great party in Benoni celebrating her birthday.

Thinking back to the day I showed my mom the first Bizoe bottle I made. Estalet and I met up with my parents for the weekend at Pinnacle Point Golf Estate, during the Saturday morning breakfast at the clubhouse I pulled this bottle Bizoe Henrietta out of a bag showing my parents the new label and wine I have created. It took them a few second to realize what the name of the wine was, before the tears started flowing.

Until this day the questions come up quite often why, the first wine was named after Henriëtta? Henriëtta Neethling sacrifices so many things for her children and grandchildren that it just appropriate to name our first wine after her. A person that believed in us and would always support us in everything we do. A mom any boy can dream about.

Fruit set is currently happening in the vineyards. I overheard another winemaker mentioned that he needs 2 Novembers to get all the work done in the vineyards. November is always intensive month in the vineyards. We are currently removing some of the leaves and making sure there is a free flow of air in the canopy. I am pleased with the progress in the vineyards, although it’s a very dry year.

Salute to Henrietta Neethling!

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