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What is the most famous joke when you meet a winemaker? Oh, you guys only work for 3 months of the year. Yes, harvest is finished for 2023, currently some wines is busy with Malolactic Fermentation.

Malolactic Fermentation is the process when malic acids converts to lactic acid in wine. In our white wines I prevent the process, but all our reds wine we encourage the process. Best described by  “MLF isn’t technically a fermentation because it doesn’t use yeast. Instead, a special kind of bacteria called Oenococcus oeni (along with a few other Lactobacillus strains) eat the malic acid in wine and poop out lactic acid. Yum! The result is a wine with a creamy, almost oil-like texture on the middle of your tongue, which adds a marvelous, velvety texture to the wine” Once the malolactic fermentation is done, the wine goes into its maturation phase.

The past weeks it was fun again to be on the road visiting some of our clients and taking part in the first Cru Marina Martinique wine event in Jeffery’s Bay. The weather played its part, 10 wine farms stationed around the marina, wine lovers arriving on tug boats sipping away on our wines and having a blast. It’s definitely and event for the future that can’t be missed. 

Also spend some time in JHB last week with the East Rand Wine Society presenting wines from our Bizoe and Rikus Neethling range at Ebotse Golf Club in Benoni. It was good to be back in Benoni again, as some of you might know I have grown up in this gem of a town on the East Rand. Took the opportunity to pop in at some our loyal clients in JHB to show new wines and catch up on the past harvest. 

Looking forward to some events, where you will see Bizoe Wines in the coming months. Graaff-Reinet Stoep Tasting, Greyton Wine of Fire and the Wildwood Wine Festival is some of the events coming up. But for now it’s back to the cellar to compete Malic fermentations and get the wines to rest.

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