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Wines on Road Show

Garden Route is getting hustled by The Grape Hustle

Who doesn’t like to go to the Garden Route of South Africa? Twelve winemakers joined us for a week in the Garden Route. What a trip and way to share our wines with the people of the Garden Route.

The Grape Hustle a company owned by Jo and Nick Lowe, that takes care and passion of the wine brands they represent. In my humble opinion the Garden Route is extremely lucky to have them.

Our first stop on The Grape Hustle Roadshow was St Francis Bay. Our host for the evening was St Francis Links Golf Club, amazing venue. The friendly people of St Francis joined and we created one amazing evening. After the tasting we were invited by the “Major of St Francis” Clive to sit down in his restaurant Clive’s Chock a Block. Some of the best sea food I had in a very long time. Between the 12 winemakers we made sure to enjoy one another’s wine.

Barrington’s Plettenberg Bay our next stop. Hosted by Simon and Anél in their boutique hotel at Barrington’s. The people of Plettenberg Bay rocked up and was amazing to meet so many new people. Half an hour before the ending of the wine show, Simon served each winemaker with one of their own brewed beers. Beer sailed down the throats like liquid gold. Recommend anybody to stop by Barrington’s for a cold beer. Dinner served on the long table. No need to mention that wines were enjoyed and as always food at Barrington’s was top notch.

Head over Hill Luxury Boutique Hotel in Knysna was our final stop. Property owned by Martin and Teresa Hanson. End of the evening we were invited into their private wine cellar under the property by Teresa. Tested one another knowledge on blind tasting some wine. It’s one of those moments that none of this group will ever forget.

Wines that were on show during the week included: Bizoe, Croydon, Chamonix, Eagles Nest, Eenzaamheid, Genevieve, Keermont, Luddite, Gabrielskloof, Migliarina, Meerhof and Peter Falcke.

 Thanks to all the other producer for making the week so much fun and THE GRAPE HUSTLE for looking after us!

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