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Nico at Ottos

Flying the South African Flag at Davys Wine Merchants

This is my first trip to London after the pandemic, started it off by playing a round of golf with Mr James Davy, Anders Chudley and Jake Millburn (All from Davy Wines) at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club. Always great to be treated to a round of golf! 

Nico Grobler of La Brune Wines from Elgin joined me in London for the week. Francis Flavin (Wholesale Director at Davy Wines) treated us for a day out, meeting clients, tasting wines and evening taking us to Wine GB trade tasting. We even ended up at Medals of London tasting our wines and drinking away on some Italian Proseccos and Sauternes wines. We got a lecture on the Apollo 11 moon landing. Buzz Aldrine that landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong in Apollo 11 medals are on display at Medals of London.

The Davy New World Trade Event (the reason of going to London) at Davy Wine Merchant HQ. New world wines was the order of the day paired with music. Bizoe Morningstar Semillon 2019 paired with oysters and “Under the Sea” by Sameul E. Wright. Brad Horne from @winetimelondon (follow Brad on Instagram) led me and Nico to present a Masterclass of South African wines during the Davys Trade Event.

My favorite restaurant in London to dine at is Otto’s. I might be biased as you will find Bizoe Wines on their wine lists also. Otto’s restaurant has been reviewed as one of the best in the UK by food journalist and critic. We worked our way through some amazing wines at Otto during our dinner, Chateau Cos Labory 1997, Chateau D’ Anglude 2002 and Bandol Masde la Rouviére 2019

Oakley Court Hotel in Winsor with Martin Drotsky the operations manager. My paths crossed for the first time with Martin during his days at Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town in 2009. It was such a privilege to spend the morning with Martin again. Thanks to Martin for the incredible support of Bizoe Wines and South African Wines. 

Thanks to Davy Wine Merchants for hosting me in London, it’s always a highlight on my calendar to visit the Davys Team.

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