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Fire and Wine

Fire and Wine

As winter sets into the Western Cape, cold and rain arrives. Fireplace burning, Wimbledon on the television and a glass of red in the hand.  Welcome to the winter in the Cape.

 As romantic as the intro sounds there is still work in the cellar to be done during this time. We are preparing to bottle some new wines soon, one of the wines will be the Bizoe Idioglossia Malbec 2019. Process of preparing a wine for bottling doesn’t happen overnight. We are looking forward making the new Malbec available later in the year.

 Bizoe Estalet Syrah 2019 will also be bottled at the same time. With the Estalet Syrah our next release will be the 2018, this giving the 2019 sufficient time in the bottle before we release it to the market.

And then the announcement come that we are prohibited to sell wine again. As sad as it is that we can’t supply you with wine at the moment we are in the fortunate position to export our wines. We can be thankful to our International partners in times like these.

 I was hoping that you all can enjoy the next few weeks in front of the heater or fireplace, glass in hand and watching Wimbledon. Those who’s cellar are full and have access to wine please enjoy your glass in the comfort of your house and lift it up to our doctors fighting the battle on our behalf. Stay safe and stay positive.

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