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Rikus Neethling of Bizoe Wines

Early harvest predictions 2022

We all are awaiting for the harvest 22 to start. Just to start the year, we are already 2 weeks later than the start of 2021. Is it a good thing? Only time will tell.

What is the possible reasons for the late start? During the growing season from September 2021 until a week ago, we had relative constant rain and mild temperatures during the season. In simple terms the soil needs to heat up to activate the growth in the vine. This year it occurred at a slower pace due to the rain and mild temperatures that lead to the delay in harvest. An old saying the longer the fruit hang on the vine the better the quality. Will this be tested in 2022 harvest?

We all thought we are cruising into the 2022 harvest and then January gives us the heat and high temperatures. The sudden heat wave we are experiencing in the Western Cape at the moment, is ripening the early cultivars and speeding up the late cultivars and my prediction is that we are going to have a harvest that everything will be ripe at the same time. Winemaker’s nightmare, having enough space in the cellar.

At least we are predicting it and can start planning for it. There is also the possibility that it might not happen. One of the fun things about farming no year, no vintage is ever the same. From our side we are ready to receive the grapes and just can’t wait for the fun to start.

We will kick the harvest of by harvesting our Semillon grapes from Darling, followed by the Semillon from Franschhoek. New editions this year will be some Grenache grapes from Breedekloof that we are excited about getting into the cellar. Follow our Facebook pages, we will keep you updated on our harvest 22!

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