International Wine Challenge

My Mom

Thinking back to September 2008 at Pinnacle Point Golf Estate, when I informed my mom the first wine under Bizoe label will be named after her. This week we are releasing 13th vintage of the Bizoe Henrietta!

Just like that, 13 vintages has flown by. Bizoe Henrietta 2020 is slightly different in blend components than most of the previous ones. Normally I have a 70/30 split in my mind between Semillon and Sauvignon blanc. The 2020 will be a 80/20 split dominated by Semillon. I believe it’s one our best yet!

The story has been told before but just remind some of you why the name Henrietta is on this special bottle. Bizoe Henrietta was the first wine I have released into the South Africa and the World in 2008. The same Bizoe Henrietta 2008 that received a Gold Medal from International Wine Challenge in 2009. With big dreams and no money to start a business, I got a loan from my dad. Dad, a dentist in Benoni, with no wine background then, surely someone had to persuade him to help me. I am sure today Henrietta played a massive role in persuading the old man to help.

In writing the back label for the wine, I found out what Henrietta means. Translated back to German it translates to ‘ruler of the house.’ There couldn’t be a more fitting name for mom (sorry pa). The mother that everyone’s dream off, the lucky ones that has her as a grandma and of course Estalet that has her as a “mother-in-law”. It’s an honor for me to release the Bizoe Henrietta 2020 in the world!

Let’s all lift a glass to Henrietta Neethling, and thanks for what mom has done for me!

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