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Bizoe Genant

On Monday 29th of March we completed harvest 2021 with our Bizoe Idioglossia Chardonnay grapes arriving from Elgin approx. 2 weeks after we completed Stellenbosch grapes. This just shows again the role nature and region play in the world of wine. The day has arrived that I have trying...

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Handcrafted Wines

Handcrafted Wines by Rikus Neethling

Handcrafted Wines  What does the term handcrafted wine mean for a winemaker? Surely each berry wasn’t de-stemmend and crushed by hand? In my view, it means that you were involved in the whole process and even got your hands dirty in the process. We are coming to the end...

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Bizoe Estalet 2016

Hitting the Red Zone

Hitting the Red Zone! As they say, into the final stretch we go. Most of the white grapes are in the cellar, just waiting for Chardonnay from Elgin Valley for Bizoe Idioglossia Chardonnay. It is one of those years with the perfect growing season and balanced wines to be...

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Rikus and Elton in the cellar before harvest

2 February 1659 – 2 February 2021

2 February 1659 – 2 February 2021 It feels like quite a significant date in 2021. 2 February 1659 was the first grapes picked by Jan van Riebeeck to produce South Africa first wines. 2 February 2021 our first grapes arrived for the 2021 harvest and also the first...

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Bizoe Wines

It’s not a one day game!

It is not a one day game! As the test series between South Africa and Pakistan started in Pakistan for the first time in 13 years, it made me think about the current situation I find myself in the South African Wine Industry. Winemaking is all about timing. Waiting...

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Ingredients for a braai

Wine & Dinner = Winner

New Year, New Liquor Ban, New Harvest   2021 starts off with a ban, not a bang. Personally, I would not think we are better prepared for 2021 as we don’t know what to expect and how to plan for the year ahead, but not all negative, as I’m...

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Winemaker attending Head over Hill Festival

Head over Hills Weekend

Bizoe Wine were invited by Martin and Theresa Hansson from Head over Hill Luxury Guest House to attend their annual wine show case they present in Knysna. Heading down the N2 early Friday morning to be in time for day one of the show. Plenty of time to think...

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A Semillon Affair (Part2)

Semillon Affair (Part2)   In our previous post we have explained the Morningstar Semillon. Our next Semillon originates out of the beautiful Franschhoek Valley and is named Robertsvleipad Semillon.Naming the wines after the roads that leads to vineyard is a practice that is used in the Hunter Valley.  ...

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